Monday, June 18, 2018

Strauss to Wolfowitz to Finkelstein

Chris Hedges interviews Norman Finkelstein June 15 2018  RT
on Palestine: Unlivable

Point that I found significant:  at end, Finkelstein recites the same theory of 'nonviolent protest' as Benjamin Ginsberg attributed to Martin Luther King:  "King mounted provocation, knowing that the adversary would react, whereupon a Larger Power would react and put down the adversary."
Finkelstein said that Gazans had to get the attention of a greater power -- But of course they cannot.
That has been Jewish forte throughout their history.

Which links to Shadia Drury's explanation of Strauss -- he believed Jews were "Socrates," the elites who were resented by the "vulgar masses," Jews had a right to rule.

COMPARE this to the Wolfowitz Doctrine as explained as based on Leo Strauss, in this extended video:
 From Strauss in Weimar to Wolfowitz in USA;  Jews expected/intended to dominate Germany, when Hitler said No, Jews did Exodus, killing on the way out.

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